Flange connection


Flange connection

Bored, welded blind flanges according to EN1092-1, old no. DIN 2527 spec. or ANSI B16.5 in different pressure ratings and with different facings. (s. also Blindflansche/Formen der Dichtflächen, Din 2526 - EN1092-1)

DN PN Dichtleiste Code A3 A7 A11 E5
15 16 B FL1516b OK OK OK OK OK  
25 40 C FL254 OK OK OK OK OK  
25 100 E FL2510 OK OK OK OK OK  
25 40 N FL254n OK OK OK OK OK  
25 40 F FL254f OK OK OK OK OK  
1" 150 lbs RF FL115 OK OK OK OK OK  
1" 600 lbs RTJ FL160r OK OK OK OK OK  

* DIN Types of contect faces according to EN1092-1

--> please order flanges with DN, PN and facing-form

--> a second welding inside is possible on request


flanges without specification of the facing:

up to PN 100 -form B1                      
higher than PN 100 -form B2
ANSI flanges -form RF


- other facings according to EN1092-1, or ANSI B16.5

- The valve order number may be shortened because of thelength of the flange-codes