Shut-off valves

body number 3 DN: max 8
PN max. 400
T max 250°C
CV ≈ 0,5 (DN5)
Compact forged valve, with turned seat and internal spindle thread for short-time temperatures up to 300°C.

part list

parts no. designation material
1 2
1 body, forged A105 316Ti
3 spindle roll sealed 403F 316Ti
3.1 cone,rolled into, movable SS 316Ti
4 taper ring 1035 316Ti
5 scraper ring Novapress
6 packing graphite1) PTFE2)
7 gland 1213 316Ti
8 union nut 1.0715 316Ti
9 handwheel moulded plastic3)
10 nut galvanized steel 316Ti


Our valves have rolled spindles with a roughness < 0,002 mm. Therefore they offer security and long durability without any maintenance costs.

  • acc. to german TA-Luft possible

Order Number

A 3
  inlet-code outlet-code
type body number material code special characters code
A=shut-off valves   1Mat.: carbon steel A105
2Mat.: stainless steel 316Ti

other materials on request

G bar (instead of handwheel)
H handwheel of steel sheet
K lock nut
L bracket
PT german TA-Luft
adjusting cone (needle, parabola cone)
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