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Monoflanges are defined as flanges with integral shut-off valves in a variety of configurations. For shut-off purpose only a single valve assembly is available. The most common assembly however is shut-off valve combined with additional drain / vent valve, or two consecutive shut-off valves in combination with a drain / vent valve in a double block and bleed design. Whereas the Monoflange process side connects directly to the process flange, the instrument connection is either 1/2” NPT female threaded or features a swivel adapter with G1/2“ thread allowing for 360° free orientation of the instrument. Process flanges come in a number of different pressure ranges and sizes; therefore Monoflanges are usually tailor made to meet your specific requirements. tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Monoflansch.jpg
tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Monoflansch 1.jpeg
tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Monoflansch 2.jpeg

tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Monoflansch 3.png

tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Monoflansch 4.jpeg

part no. designation material
1 body 316L
3 spindle 316Ti
3.1 non rotating plug 316Ti
4 bonnet 316Ti
5 scraper ring Novapress
6 packing PTFE 200°C
7 gland 316Ti
8 lock-nut 316Ti
9 T-bar 316Ti
10 screw SS
13 seal 316Ti

1) On request: graphite packing; max 550°C for all fittings or
2) free of oil and grease: oxygen packing max. PN 250

tl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Bestellcode 1.jpegtl_files/bollin/img/products/Monoflansche/Bestellcode 2.jpeg
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